We believe in the value of the flexible workforce

Principal Service Solutions is a technical workforce provider focused on the Semiconductor, Solar and related Technology industries. We are committed to delivering our clients uniquely tailored workforce solutions to meet their business objectives. Our staffing professionals are ethical, well networked and highly experienced in technical team development and management. You will find that we are “expert listeners” that truly believe in the value of the flexible workforce.
We are committed to fulfilling the needs of our clients and employees with open communication and dedication. We guarantee that all issues will be resolved immediately and completely. We guarantee 100% satisfaction.

Principal Service Solutions partners with our clients to meet a variety of goals including; traditional staffing, engineering solutions, service team enhancement and comprehensive workforce development. Although each client is different, our industry experience enables us to quickly understand the deliverables, shorten the deployment process and customize the perfect team. As a fast growing company, Principal Service Solutions has successfully integrated multi-level teams into leading technical companies in the industry.