Individual or group technical expertise to support on-going operations

As companies are pressured to reduce costs and improve performance through each inevitable industry cycle, traditional organizational development has shifted from a fixed cost structure to one that is quickly adaptable to change. Companies have found investment in Flexibility is vital to success.

Our Flexible Workforce provides clients with a highly customizable solution to workforce planning. Technical service is provided on an individual or team basis for any duration required by the client. Principal Service Solutions provides all levels of technical experience with a wide range of services from entry level technicians to high-level technical consultants. Our clients define their requirements and we deliver the right people at the right time.


  • Project Managers

  • Design Engineers

  • Field Service Engineers and Technicians

  • Site Service Engineers and Technicians

  • Equipment Installation Engineers

  • Sub-Fab Engineers and Technicians

  • Material Coordinators

  • Facilities Technicians

  • Building Engineers

  • Controls Technicians

  • Maintenance Mechanics

  • Electricians

  • Production Staff