Balancing R&D investment, market fluctuations with an inflexible permanent infrastructure has left semiconductor driven companies in an expensive cycle of restructuring, recruiting and retraining. As a result, contingent employees have steadily grown as a viable option for workforce development. Semiconductor driven companies have been able to alleviate pressure from the business cycles by moving their largest fixed cost (labor) to a variable model without sacrifice to quality and technology.

Principal Service Solutions is highly active in the development of workforce alternatives for companies in the Semiconductor industry. Members of our executive staff have personally held a variety of management-level Semiconductor positions in operations, manufacturing and service. Our experience in the development and management of service teams and contingent workforce models at the corporate level, provides our clients with a low-risk solution for any workforce requirement.

At Principal Service Solutions, the safety of our employees and customers is a number one concern. Unlike a typical staffing shop, we have heavily invested in the development of detailed safety programs for applicable employees. All employees are properly trained per industry standards that meet State and Federal requirements before entering a client’s site. The courses currently being offered in-house are:


  • Lock out—Tag out

  • Electrical Safety

  • Hazard Communication

  • Fall Protection

  • Laser Safety

  • Hearing Protection

  • Slips, Trips and Falls

  • Respiratory Protection

Additional courses can be developed to meet your job specific needs


In recent years, Solar companies have leveraged expertise and equipment from the Semiconductor industry to facilitate growing market demand. And, while Semiconductor companies continue to invest heavily in technology to gain competitive advantage, Solar companies are strictly driven by their ability to lower cost to gain a competitive edge.

At Principal Service Solutions, we are now extending our workforce alternatives to client’s in solar panel manufacturing and commercial solar production. We understand that the cost-conscious Solar market cannot absorb the cost of a large inflexible service infrastructure if it is to gain and maintain market momentum. Our technical workforce alternatives provide Solar client’s with the much needed flexibility to deliver the lowest cost alternative energy. Our technical service and staffing professionals have the confidence and experience to work directly with you to understand your needs and partner with you to develop an effective workforce strategy. With a well-diversified and growing contact list of Solar talent, we can customize a team to match your needs perfectly.


  • Maintenance (Regular/Emergency) – Commercial Installations

  • Technical Evaluation and Repair – Commercial Installations

  • Manufacturing Equipment Operation

  • Manufacturing Equipment Maintenance

  • Manufacturing Equipment Installation and Start-up

  • Manufacturing Equipment Decommissioning and Relocation

Information Technology

Business environments have rapidly progressed from the internet to the cloud/mobile computing and IT-as-a-service. With each technological leap the IT world has become increasingly more complex. IT personnel of today must be experts in security, must have the ability to accurately assess and implement new technology and manage technology obsolescence every 3-5 years! One of the greatest lessons we have learned during this IT age, at the core of most challenges is not technology but the people.

Is your IT team lacking the talent to keep you competitive? If so, we can help. Our vast network of talent is targeted to technical environments including IT departments for large or small companies. We know the most productive IT personnel are those who are customer-oriented, business-minded and highly creative thinkers. Our success lies in our ability to accurately match technical skills and the soft skills needed to support the rapidly changing IT world.

We offer a variety of IT solutions from entry-level support personnel to qualified top-level technology leadership. Our team of sourcing and workforce experts will help you structure a temporary technical team, long-term contracted services or direct staffing to fit your needs.

3D rendered Illustration. A glowing grid.

  • Application Development

  • Mobile Computing/Cloud

  • Business Intelligence / Data Warehousing

  • Architecture Design

  • System Support

  • Infrastructure Support

  • Project Management

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing

The biopharmaceutical manufacturing industry is growing. More products are entering commercialization at a faster rate than ever before. Manufacturers are understandably focused on technological improvements to boost productivity and performance. However another issue is becoming just as critical. Qualified workers able to keep pace with the technological changes and stringent FDA requirements are in great demand and in short supply.

At Principal Service Solutions, workforce development for advancement manufacturing environments is one of our core competencies. We have a comprehensive understanding of the hard skills required for all manufacturing positions and the unique soft skills needed to be successful in an ever-shifting industry. We have access to thousands of manufacturing experts with specific experience in the pharmaceutical industry and others with transferable technical expertise.

We guarantee our people will be ready at the right time, have the right training and right skills. Our workforce development alternatives allows clients to tailor a staffing solution from short term support to long-term supplemental teams with complete management of defined processes, projects or functional areas of the organization.

Pharmaceutical Manufacturing | Principal Service Solutions

  • Quality (Assurance, Auditing, Engineering, Investigation)

  • Validation (Engineering, Computer System, Equipment)

  • Laboratory (Investigation, Support)

  • Engineering (Manufacturing, Process)

  • Equipment Operations

  • Maintenance

  • Technical Writing


From computer-controlled systems to automation and robotics, the manufacturing environment looks very different than in years past. Automating repetitive and/or dangerous work has delivered improvements in efficiency, but does it really replace the worker? With the proliferation of Automation, workforce requirements shifted from “physical” accuracy and consistency to employees with a highly-developed skill set able to operate in a cutting-edge manufacturing facility. Although the sheer number of employees may have declined, the new Automation “expert” is in high demand and challenging to find.

Our talent base is rooted in technology and manufacturing including Automation. We have worked with many of the Automation experts in the field and know them by their first name. Our in-depth understanding of the changing landscape of manufacturing has helped us successfully develop teams for many highly complex automated environments.

We offer short to long-term contracted services and direct staffing services. For businesses with large, long-term supplemental support, our workforce development programs deliver hands-on management and/or complete ownership of defined processes, functions or projects.

  • Engineering (Controls, Software, QA, Process)

  • Programming (Robot, PLC, PAC)

  • Design (Mechanical, Electrical)

  • Maintenance

  • Materials Handling

  • Human Interface (HMI)

Medical Device

With most technical industries, progress and equipment go hand-in-hand. The life science industry is no different. Advancements in medical and laboratory technology drive continual change in life science equipment which in turn supports development. The precision and complexity of life science equipment has grown exponentially. It is technically challenging and requires qualified engineering resources to performing.

Equipment installation, service, repair and operations are the foundation of our business. Working directly inside of high tech environments, we are plugged-in to a large network of engineering professionals specifically focused on advanced equipment. Our experience with equipment performance and lifecycle extension makes us uniquely positioned to understand customer requirements and match workforce solutions for maximum results.

Whether you need short term installation support or long term sustaining support, we can help. Principal Service Solutions offers OEMs in the life science equipment industry complete outsourcing programs for equipment service and repair.

  • Engineering (Mechanical, Process, Applications, Controls)

  • Field Service

  • Automation & Robotics

  • Quality

  • Product Development

  • Project Management

Other Markets

At Principal Service Solutions, our experience in advanced manufacturing environments naturally translates to many technical markets. We understand what it takes to deliver quality technicians, engineers, managers and operations professionals at every level of any technical organization. Our distinct advantage lies in the ability to develop a team to exact specifications and integrate quickly to meet even the toughest business objectives.

We actively source a variety of candidates from entry level to senior staff positions. Every candidate is screened for experience levels and less tangible, but transferrable soft skills such as flexibility and problem-solving. We offer short to long-term contracted services and direct staffing services. And, for businesses with large long-term supplemental support, our workforce development programs deliver hands-on management and complete ownership, of your defined process, function or project.

Principals Service Solutions supports the following adjacent technical markets.

  • Electronics

  • Telecommunications

  • Plastics

  • Alternative Energies

  • Light Industrial