Low risk, cost-efficient technical workforce alternatives

In reality, a company never faces just one challenge at a time. While employees are the backbone of any organization, the talent required to gain competitive advantage can change rapidly with each new challenge. A continuous cycle of restructuring, recruiting and retraining is an inefficient and costly method for weathering dynamic changes.

At Principal Service Solutions, we provide a series of low-risk workforce alternatives for companies in the Semiconductor, Solar and other technical industries. We have a vast technical talent pool available. Our recruitment professionals continuously qualify and hire all levels of experience allowing us to quickly tailor workforce solutions for each client‘s need. We deliver the flexibility to create a lean, highly-efficient technical team without sacrifice to performance or competitive advantage. Principal Service Solutions partners with clients to meet a variety of goals including; traditional staffing, engineering solutions, service solutions and comprehensive workforce development through our unique Principal Workforce alternative. Please select a workforce alternative and we will customize it to fit your company perfectly.

Build Virtually Any Technical Organization
If We Don’t Have the Talent Available
We Recruit, Qualify and Hire So You Don’t Have To!

4 Workforce Alternatives

Unlimited Possibilities

Flexible Workforce

Individual or group technical expertise to support on-going operations.

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Functional Workforce

Qualified teams for large functional areas of the any technical organization.

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Project-Based Workforce

Discipline-defined expertise to supplement or manage critical projects.

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Principal Workforce

A comprehensive technical workforce for core or non-core areas of the organization.

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Traditional Staffing Services Available