Finding the Best Talent Not Just the Best Available Talent

If your recruiting strategy is one of job posting and applicant solicitation, did you know only 14% of the total talent pool is actively looking for a new opportunity? At best, 50% of your applicants will meet basic requirements. On the other hand, you may be engaged in active sourcing of new candidates, but did you know it takes on the average 3 hours a day for 90 days to fill a single position? This is valuable time that may directly impact your critical human resources activities. The question becomes does your company have the access and time to find the best talent for the position or just the best available talent?

At Principal Service Solutions, we can help! The very foundation of our business is active sourcing of technical talent. Our extensive (30,000+ and growing) network allows us to move well beyond active job seekers to deliver the best talent not just the best talent available. We prequalify and match candidates to your required technical skills and assess the important soft skills such as coachability, temperament and motivation to ensure greater levels of long-term success. In a case study, Principal Service Solutions delivered qualified candidates 4+ times faster than a typical applicant solicitation methodology.

If your company needs a partner in the search for the best technical talent, Principal Service Solutions is right for you!


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